Introducing NORMEX | Conferences:

As you know, suppliers are a critical aspect of a food safety management (FSMS). In other words, if your suppliers are not managed properly, your FSMS will eventually fall apart with a potential threat of recalls.

As managing suppliers is sometimes a lot of hassles with Letter of Guarantee, Certificates, Certificate of Analysis, etc. We have introduced in our Food Safety Management Software (NORMEX) a collaborative feature:
The system automatically communicates with your suppliers so they can upload directly their info and complete a Suppliers Evaluation online. On the other hand, you receive statistics on your Suppliers Approval Process and focus on your other priorities.

The system is your assistant.

We have introduced this feature in our teleconference last week to 25 manufacturers.

The success was so great that we decided to make in a habit.

Stay tune for the dates of the next NORMEX | Conferences.

Here is a glance of the content of the teleconferences:
– Good Manufacturing Practices
– Introduction to Safe Food For Canadian Regulation (SFCR)
– Introduction to Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
– Many more relevant subjects

Stay tune!

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