Food safety and traceability software solution

NORMEX allows food companies to efficiently manage their supply chain, capture all the data needed for a transparent and FSMA and SFCR-compliant supply chain, and stitch together critical tracking events to achieve real farm-to-fork traceability to quickly identify and address food safety issues.

Manage + Monitor

Centralize your supply chain in the Cloud and cut the time it takes to manage your suppliers in half.

  • Build strong relationships with your suppliers using a centralized supplier management solution.
  • Access your powerful supplier dashboard with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Get an “at-a-glance” look at your supply chain.

Track + Trace

Use the only real-time food supply chain visualization software and cut the costs of resolving a recall in half.

  • Go beyond “one-up-one-back” to achieve enhanced, lot-level traceability.
  • Gather critical tracking events to trace forward and back across every step of your supply chain.
  • Identify the root cause of a food safety issue and launch a withdraw to get tainted product out of your supply chain quickly and efficiently.

Recall + Response

Respond to food recalls with speed and accuracy.

  • Initiate a recall or stock withdrawal across all your locations simultaneously from NORMEX, using email, phone and text.
  • Create templates in advance to standardize communications across your supply chain, and monitor responses and completion actions through your dashboard as your recall unfolds.
  • Build in automatic escalation if no action is taken by a particular location or contact within a customized timeframe. Ensure swift action is taken when it matters most.

See NORMEX in Action

Get your one-on-one consultation with a food safety expert, and learn how NORMEX can directly address your company’s needs.

Supply Chain Transparency

Uncover the rewards of a transparent supply chain

  • Use scorecards and supplier ratings to highlight top performers.
  • Benchmark suppliers to enable continuous improvement across your supply chain.
  • Get the transparency needed to proactively implement corrective actions before major issues arise.

FSMA & SFCR Compliance

The FSMA & SFCR management software solution for a modern supply chain.

  • Ease compliance with FSMA & SFCR’s required recordkeeping, automated workflows and foreign supplier verification.
  • Compile critical food safety documentation, HACCP plans and otherrecords online, in real-time.
  • Your FSMA & SFCR solution for supplier documentation, required recordkeeping and template CAPA workflows.

Quality & Audit Management

Capture food quality incidents and report them in real-time to your suppliers.

  • Communicate across your supply chain to prevent tainted or poor quality products from being delivered to your consumers.
  • Better identify quality issues that don’t align with your brand commitment.
  • Create and manage audits, withdrawal records and compliance plans for suppliers.

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