Partner Spotlight: Meet Food Safety Solutions

Hello NORMEX Community!

This month, we're thrilled to shine our partner spotlight on a remarkable ally in the field of food safety: Food Safety Solutions Inc. based in Alberta. With a robust heritage of over 100 combined years of expertise in the food industry, their team is equipped to elevate your food safety systems to new heights.

Who is Food Safety Solutions?
Food Safety Solutions Inc. (FSS) is your go-to team for developing, maintaining, and improving your food safety systems. Whether your company is a budding startup or a seasoned industry player, FSS offers customized solutions to help you meet your food safety and quality goals efficiently and effectively.

What FSS Offers:
- Consulting, Auditing, and Training: Specializing in the agriculture, food, and beverage sectors, FSS ensures that your operations meet critical customer and regulatory food safety standards, keeping your business successful and your consumers safe.

How NORMEX and FSS Collaborate:
Our partnership with FSS combines their seasoned consulting and industry know-how with our cutting-edge software solutions, providing a comprehensive approach to managing food safety.

Benefits for NORMEX Users
By teaming up with FSS, NORMEX users can enjoy:
- Extensive Experience: Tap into over a century of collective knowledge in food manufacturing, auditing, and regulations.
- Tailored Solutions: Receive bespoke strategies that fit your specific food safety needs, no matter the size of your company.
- Regulatory Compliance: Keep on top of industry standards and sidestep penalties with expert guidance.
- Customer Confidence: Unlock new markets and boost consumer trust in your product safety.

Book Your Free Virtual Consultation:
Ready to elevate your food safety game? Start with a free expert consultation to assess your current processes and plan your next steps. Contact FSS at

Let’s make food safety simpler and smarter together!