SNACKWERKS Improves its Efficiency with Automation

Granola snacks Processor in Michigan, USA


The Challenge

SNACKWERKS is a food company located in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA that has been running for many years. In order to continue providing their customers with high quality products and services, they have realized the need to upgrade their existing preventive maintenance and sanitation program. As they were using paper-based processes which required a great deal of manual effort, they had difficulty managing their system and it was costing them time and money.

After researching various options, they decided upon NORMEX as the perfect solution to their needs. This automated platform ensures smooth implementation and training of the over 40 employees at SNACKWERK so that everyone involved in their food safety tasks is properly trained and up-to-date on all procedures. It eliminates paperwork by storing all data related to equipment, serial numbers, maintenance frequencies and sanitation programs in one secure place. The convenience of this system allows them to not only save time but also reduce costs while simultaneously improving their overall production yields.

The Result

In addition to its user friendly design, NORMEX provides insights into the process that allow managers to review metrics and measure progress over time. With customised reports based on these metrics, SNACKWERK can easily identify areas of improvement or potential risks before any problems occur making it an invaluable asset for them. After implementing the new system thanks to NORMEX's automation capabilities, SNACKWERKS have seen vast improvements in efficiency levels across both the preventive maintenance and sanitation program due to easier management processes as well as better access to analytics which help identify areas where resources can be best deployed. Thanks to NORMEX, SNACKWERK now runs a much more efficient program with less manual effort thanks to automated processes which will help them stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.


Continuing the tradition of food in the Cereal City, Snackwerks partners with emerging brands from food companies of all sizes.

Lean processing lines, high quality and food safety standards, and a hard-working, knowledgeable team, provide customers with a first-class experience!

Food Type

Granola Snacks

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