Torticana Foods fast-tracked to Food Safety with NORMEX

Tortillas operations in Montreal, Canada



This case study explores how Torticana successfully implemented NORMEX, a cutting-edge food safety management software, transforming their operations and adhering to HACCP standards.


    •    Company: Torticana Foods
    •    Industry: Bakery (Specialized in Tortillas)
    •    Location: Montreal, Canada
    •    Challenge: Implementing a food safety program without existing certification.
    •    Solution: NORMEX Food Safety Management Software


Torticana Foods entered the Canadian market without any formal food safety certification, a significant gap in an industry where safety and compliance are paramount. The company sought to implement a HACCP program but was hindered by the complexity and duration of traditional paperwork methods, which typically took 12-18 months.


    1.    Adoption of NORMEX:
    •    NORMEX offered a streamlined platform for automating food safety tasks and eliminating cumbersome paperwork.
    2.    Onboarding Process:
    •    Through NORMEX’s intuitive onboarding, Torticana was guided step-by-step in implementing a HACCP program, aligning with all standard requirements.
    3.    Customization of Procedures:
    •    NORMEX provided pre-developed procedures, which Torticana adapted to their specific needs, ensuring compliance without losing their unique operational essence.


    •    Duration: 4 months (a reduction from the usual 12-18 months)
    •    Process:
    •    Phase 1: Understanding NORMEX capabilities and mapping Torticana’s needs.
    •    Phase 2: Adapting pre-developed procedures and integrating them into daily operations.
    •    Phase 3: Training staff and finalizing implementation.


    1.    Efficiency in Implementation:
    •    The process that would traditionally take over a year was accomplished in just four months, showcasing the efficiency of NORMEX.
    2.    Seamless Integration:
    •    NORMEX’s automation and user-friendly interface allowed Torticana to smoothly transition to a digital, paperless environment.
    3.    Compliance and Certification:
    •    Successfully meeting HACCP standards, Torticana enhanced their market credibility and opened new growth avenues.
    4.    Operational Benefits:
    •    Reduced time spent on safety management.
    •    Improved traceability and quality control.
    •    Enhanced staff awareness and engagement in food safety practices.


Torticana Foods’ adoption of NORMEX is a testament to how modern technology can revolutionize food safety management. By turning to NORMEX, Torticana not only expedited the implementation of a crucial food safety program but also embraced a culture of safety and efficiency that is vital in the food industry. This case study underscores the potential of NORMEX in simplifying complex processes and setting a standard for the industry in food safety and compliance.



Torticana Foods, a family-owned business with a rich history in the bakery industry, faced a crucial challenge upon expanding into Montreal, Canada. Known for their quality baked goods, especially their easy-to-wrap Tortillas, they needed to ensure the highest standards of food safety.

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Tortilla Producer

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