Bad Monkey Popcorn transforms its food safety system with NORMEX

Bad Monkey Popcorn, Montreal Canada



Bad Monkey Popcorn, a popular popcorn company located in Montreal, Canada, faced challenges in managing their food safety system. Despite having HACCP certification and a 95% score, they were burdened with inefficient tasks and high costs associated with maintaining their food safety management system. This case study explores how Bad Monkey Popcorn adopted NORMEX to transform their organization, streamline their processes, and reduce costs.

The Challenge

Bad Monkey Popcorn was using a traditional paper-based system to maintain its food safety records. This system involved multiple tasks such as copying, photocopying, scanning, managing distribution, and revision of documents. These tasks were time-consuming and required considerable human resources, leading to increased operational costs.

The company realized that the inefficiencies in their food safety management system were draining valuable resources, both human and financial. They needed a solution that would help them reduce these costs while maintaining or even improving their food safety standards.

The Solution: NORMEX

After thorough research, Bad Monkey Popcorn discovered NORMEX, a digital platform designed to automate food safety tasks and operations by eliminating paperwork. They believed that NORMEX would provide the necessary tools to optimize their food safety management system and reduce costs.

To ensure a successful implementation, the company first focused on gaining the support of its 30 employees. They explained the benefits of NORMEX and how it would positively impact the organization as a whole.

Once they had everyone on board, Bad Monkey Popcorn began the implementation process in stages to ensure a smooth transition. The project lasted three months, with each phase carefully planned and executed.

Implementation Phases

  1. Initial Assessment: The company conducted an assessment of their current food safety management system to identify areas that needed improvement and areas where NORMEX could provide the most value.

  2. Training and Onboarding: Employees were trained on how to use the NORMEX platform, ensuring they understood its features and benefits.

  3. Data Migration: Bad Monkey Popcorn transferred their existing food safety records from the paper-based system to the NORMEX platform.

  4. Integration and Customization: The company tailored NORMEX to fit their specific needs, integrating it seamlessly into their existing processes.

  5. Monitoring and Evaluation: Bad Monkey Popcorn continuously monitored the implementation process, making adjustments as needed and evaluating the success of the project.

Results and Benefits

By adopting NORMEX, Bad Monkey Popcorn successfully transformed their food safety management system. The company experienced several notable benefits:

  1. Significant reduction in operational costs associated with maintaining food safety records.
  2. Increased efficiency by automating tasks such as document distribution, revisions, and record-keeping.
  3. Improved communication and collaboration among employees.
  4. Enhanced food safety standards through better monitoring and control.
  5. Streamlined processes that allowed the company to focus on their core business activities and continue producing high-quality, nut-free, dairy-free, vegan, and kosher popcorn flavors.


The implementation of NORMEX at Bad Monkey Popcorn demonstrates the potential for digital solutions to revolutionize food safety management systems. By embracing technology, the company was able to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maintain their commitment to producing delicious and safe popcorn for their customers. This case study serves as an inspiration for other food manufacturers looking to optimize their processes and ensure the highest standards of food safety.


Bad Monkey Popcorn was founded by brothers from Montreal, Canada. As children, their mother would call them her little bad monkeys! Now they are good monkeys and make delicious popcorn! Bad Monkey Popcorn is currently one of the largest manufacturers of Popcorn & Chocolate in North America & is distributed in over 30,000+ points of sale. Including, Dollar General USA, DollarTree, Dollarama, Winners, Metro, Couche-Tard, and many more! Bad Monkey Popcorn is also the official Popcorn for Disney/Marvel!

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