Wonder Ice Cream saves $60k in manpower hours in just a few months 

Ice Cream Producer in Santa Clara, California


The Challenge

When the family-owned and operated business, Wonder Ice Cream, located in Santa Clara, California needed to reduce manpower hours and streamline operations, they looked towards digital solutions. The perfect solution for them was NORMEX – a software platform that automates food safety tasks and operations by eliminating paperwork.

Wonder Ice Cream was founded in Monterey, California in 1928 by the Elfar family when they purchased the business in 1979. They specialize in manufacturing specialty ice cream products under various trademarks and co-pack for the Northern California Dairy market as well as being a distributor of national branded ice cream programs. Maintaining a modern fleet of delivery vehicles, their uniformed staff services customers on regularly scheduled routes throughout Northern California from Bakersfield to the Oregon Border and most of Northern Nevada including Reno, Tahoe and Carson City.

The Result

Once Wonder decided to use NORMEX's software platform to digitize their Quality Assurance binders, they were able to reduce manpower hours by over $60k within 24 months. The streamlined process allowed for all tasks to be managed within it's centralized location which resulted in having easy access for QA employees through their computer system or mobile app, saving time and money all around. Not only did this eliminate paperwork but it also improved customer satisfaction dueing to increased accuracy and speed of service as well as fewer errors overall.

Overall, NORMEX has proven itself a great decision for Wonder Ice Cream who have seen firsthand how easily digital technology can improve service efficiency - something other small businesses like theirs should consider too!


What sets Wonder apart from other Ice Cream Companies…

  • Wonder Ice Cream was founded in Monterey, California in 1928 .

  • Wonder Ice Cream was purchased by the Elfar family in 1979 and moved to its current location in Santa Clara, California.

  • Wonder manufactures specialty ice cream products under various trademarks and co-packs for the Northern California dairy market. Wonder is also a distributor of several national branded ice cream programs.

  • Wonder maintains a modern fleet of ice cream delivery vehicles with a uniformed staff servicing our customer base on regularly scheduled routes.

  • Wonder's direct store delivery system covers all of Northern California, from Bakersfield to the Oregon Border, and most of Northern Nevada, including Reno, Tahoe and Carson City.

  • Wonder serves a wide customer base including national, regional & independent Convenience Stores, high end specialty Grocers, national Drug chains, Recreational Venues, Food Service and a wide variety of other specialty stores. .

  • Wonder has the ability and currently serves several major customers on central billing programs.

  • Wonder is a company built on customer service and has a “can-do” attitude.

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Ice Cream Producer

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