Welcome to BABYLON - Food Safety Generic Procedures

We have devoted the last few weeks to making your document management easier for you and your team.

We are proud to announce that BABYLON is now available. In this version of NORMEX, you now have ALL the generic procedures at your disposal for all food safety standards. This will greatly facilitate the implementation and maintenance of your system and simplify your document management.

No need to print, copy, photocopy, scan, manage distribution, revisions, versions, log of change anymore ?.

All done and distributed AU-TO-MA-TI-CA-LLY ?.

Welcome to the future of Food Safety ?.

Do you want to find out more or want to upgrade if you are already using NORMEX? Simply write to us at: info@normex.ca.

You may also request a demo here: www.normex.ca/demo

In the meantime, watch a teaser