Botsis Fruits & Vegetables was CanadaGAP certified for 4 years, moved away from paperwork and saved $80k

F&V Importer and Repacker in Montreal, Canada


The Challenge

Botsis Fruits & Vegetables, located in Montreal, Canada, adopted NORMEX after being certified with CanadaGAP for 4 years. They had been using paperwork as their main system to track food safety management tasks, but realized it was leading to inefficient tasks and increasing the cost of managing these tasks. With over 40 employees associated with the Human Resources costs of the paperwork, they were burning through almost $80k annually in ineffective processes.

When Botsis Fruits & Vegetables decided to look into a solution that would automate their food safety tasks and operations by eliminating paperwork, they first had to make sure all employees were on board with the project by explaining what they would gain. The transition process was planned out in steps in order to ensure a smooth implementation. Once implementation began, it took 2 months for them to complete the project and reap its benefits.

The Result

Thanks to NORMEX, Botsis Fruits & Vegetables have seen major improvements in their food safety management process. They have eliminated tedious paperwork tasks and are now enjoying significant cost savings of almost $80k per year. In addition, efficiency has been increased across their operations due to automation of certain processes that used to be manual and labour-intensive. This allows them more time for other important responsibilities within their company such as making sure customer needs are met with quality produce from North America and around the world delivered to clients in Montreal and its surrounding areas.

The team at Botsis Fruits & Vegetables is dedicated not only to providing customer satisfaction but also giving back to the community through involvement in local food banks & charities which has helped many people within their neighbourhood benefit from fresh produce deliveries long before this pandemic started.



With a background of over 35 years in the produce business, today, our company is dedicated to delivering quality produce from North America and around the World to Montreal and surrounding areas. We firmly believe in customer satisfaction, and taking care of our clients' customized needs. This extends into the community through our involvement with local food banks & charities.

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