SoyXpert implements the HACCP program 52% faster than the average

Producer of quality tofu in Quebec, Canada


When it came to achieving their goal of providing healthy and delicious food that respects both the environment and people, SoyXpert relied on traditional Japanese techniques to produce high-quality tofu. As such, when it came time for them to migrate into a food safety software, NORMEX, they were looking for a solution that was efficient and cost effective.

The Challenge

At the time of migration, SoyXpert had 8 employees who were tasked with handling all the paperwork related to implementing a HACCP program in just a few months. This was a daunting task considering the tedious nature and complexity of paperwork required by such programs. That is where NORMEX came in – they take care of automating all those food safety tasks and operations by eliminating paperwork, saving not only time but money as well.

The Result

NORMEX helped simplify the implementation process significantly so instead of taking several 7-8 hour shifts over multiple weeks, SoyXpert had accomplished their goal in less than two months! The streamlined workflow enabled by NORMEX allowed SoyXpert to focus more on what matters most – creating delicious and nutritious quality products for customers while being mindful of environment and people along the way. By utilizing NORMEX’s comprehensive system, SoyXpert no longer had to worry about manual recordkeeping mistakes or gaps in documentation accuracy due to its automated data collection capabilities. Thus, NORMEX gave SoyXpert confidence that their systems were up-to-date and compliant with industry regulations at all times.

In addition to reducing paperwork burden, NORMEX also provided other value added features that enhanced customer experience by offering custom reports tailored to their specific needs which could be generated quickly without any manual effort from SoyXpert’s team. Moreover, access control enabled by NOERMX helps keep confidential information secure from unauthorized personnel thus protecting customer data privacy as well as internal processes being conducted within the company.

Thanks to NORMEX's automated system, SoyXpert now has an efficient way to manage its food safety program with much less effort and stress than before. Now that their HACCP program is successfully implemented at SoyXpert with NORMEX's help, they can continue creating top-notch products with confidence knowing their systems are up-to-date and compliant with industry regulations at all times without compromising quality or customer experience whatsoever.


Soyxpert was founded in 2019 in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada with the desire to offer superior quality tofu by using traditional Japanese techniques. It is thanks to these techniques and the use of high-quality products that we are able to produce a tofu that has a unique taste and texture.

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